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Capital Preservation

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  January 16, 2019locked

When I developed the content for my Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader modules, U.S. and global stock markets were decidedly bullish. It was late 2017 and early 2018. And everything was going up. Read More

Don’t Be a *itch

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  January 9, 2019locked

It couldn’t be more clear to me… The stock market’s trend has changed from bullish to bearish. I encourage you to acknowledge that today, if you haven’t already. Read More

Trade Alert: Buy into Brazilian Breakout

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  January 2, 2019locked

Last month was brutal to stocks – it was practically the worst December ever. But just as sure as the sun rises, the calendar pages flip and life goes on. Read More

The Trade That Almost Was…

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  December 19, 2018locked

Damn. I had all these juicy trades in my sights. Bullish opportunities that were offering highly favorable reward-to-risk ratios, as I explained last week. Prices were at support levels. Read More

A Trader’s Take on Uncertainty

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  December 12, 2018locked

Let’s start with the big picture… U.S. stocks have gone nowhere but sideways this year. Read More

Letting the Dust Settle

Washington DC By Adam O'Dell.  |  December 5, 2018locked

I think it’s best to keep this note short… The stock market is closed today in honor of the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. And frankly, the market’s off its rocker this week. Read More

How to Pass Time

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  November 19, 2018locked

It’s Thanksgiving week! Hopefully that means a few extra days of rest and relaxation for you. Read More

Pullback Claims PH as its Victim

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  October 10, 2018locked

Stocks are going through a pullback right now. The nice thing about pullbacks is that most of them are mild and short-lived. Read More

IES This Week…

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  October 24, 2018locked

It’s a busy and exciting week, folks! We’re holding our annual Irrational Economic Summit in Austin, Texas, tomorrow through Saturday. I’ve been packing my bags and putting the final touches on my presentations. Read More

Change Is the Only Constant

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  November 7, 2018locked

The past few weeks have been pretty wild. Read More