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A Systematic Approach To Investing in Cannabis

Investing By Joy Cato.  |  July 18, 2019locked

The cannabis space is evolving so quickly that new developments come almost every day. Mergers and acquisitions. New financing deals. Regulatory hearings and legislation. IPOs. Read More

Hard At Work On a Special Project

Investing By Joy Cato.  |  July 10, 2019locked

I’m out of the office today. I'm wishing I were relaxing on the beach, but I’m actually working on a special project that I’m excited to share with you later this month. Read More

Hindsight Bias: You Didn’t Know It All Along

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  June 26, 2019locked

Let’s play a game. Read More

A Lesson From Colin Powell

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  June 19, 2019locked

I was nine years old when the U.S. launched Operation Desert Storm. It must have been a lot for me to digest at the time. Read More

A Good Skill to Learn: Don’t Force a Trade

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  June 12, 2019locked

Most successful people I know follow a fairly rigid routine — both in their professional and personal lives. Routines help keep us focused and productive. Read More

Three Cycle 9 Signals to Watch Closely

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  June 5, 2019locked

Everyone is completely focused on the “FAANG” stocks this week. Rightfully so, as news of a potential government crackdown on big tech’s choke hold is a big deal. Read More

A Lesson in Cycle 9’s Recent Windfall Profit

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  April 24, 2019locked

My wife is generally a play-it-safe type of person. One of my favorite stories she tells is of when she was around five years old. Read More

Adapting to Increasingly Bearish Trends

Trends By Adam O'Dell.  |  May 29, 2019locked

Stock markets have taken a turn for the worse this month after motoring higher from January through April. Read More

U.S. Versus the World

Trade Wars By Adam O'Dell.  |  May 22, 2019locked

This trade war has been exhausting. And there seems to be no end in sight! For much of the time, U.S. stocks have handled the news far better than foreign stocks. Read More

A Better Approach to Sector Rotation

Investing By Adam O'Dell.  |  May 15, 2019locked

Let’s say you have no clue “where we are in the business cycle,” as talking heads like to phrase it. How would you invest? It’s a tough question. Read More